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Best of Long Beach 2013/2014

Other Samples

TV Show Pilot

Elizabeth Imus-Zero worked with me to produce a TV Pilot showcasing her fantastic Hosting abilities.

Music Video

I worked with Lisbeth Scott, who is an outstanding musical talent, to produce a music video for her song Long Road Down, which was featured in the History Channel's popular miniseries Hatfields and McCoys. Lisbeth the vocalist and songwriter behind hundreds of film soundtracks (including "True Blood", the "Shrek" series, and "Munich").


Pro Action Dance is the number one conference for Professional Sports Teams to send their Cheerleaders for fresh and exciting choreography. I work with them every year to produce their training material and event publicity.


I worked with Steve Zee, comedy and tap legend, to produce a comedy web series about his ironic run for the White House. See more about Steve's sarcastic take on politics here.

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