Gregory R.R. Crosby


Who are you?

A native of San Francisco, I am currently the Technology and Media Advisor for the Department of Dance at California State University, Long Beach, photographing concerts and promotional material. I obtained a BA in Film and Video Production from California State University, Long Beach and went on to edit for television. I have written and directed numerous short films and commercials that have been screened in Festivals and on TV, and as Director of Photography, have had work screened at many venues including Lincoln Center in New York. Though most of my reputable experience is in film and video, my expertise has transferred well to still photography.


Favorite Photos

All Grown Up (2013)Maria Tolbert (2012)


I want to take professional headshots for my acting career, but I have a horrible pimple on my chin. Can we Photoshop that out?

Basic cosmetic touchup on headshots is included in the package prices. Digitally adding your estranged Grandmother into your family photo however, will cost extra.

My child never looks at the camera and is always making silly faces. What can we do?

When shooting young children, it is important to have patience and a sense of humor. I find asking them to pose or smile is far less successful than just interacting and having fun with them.

You think my child is bad, my husband is as stiff as a board in posed photographs. Can we Photoshop Brad Pitt in his place?

We can certainly add Brad into the photo, however I don't think your husband will appreciate that. I try to build a relaxed environment and encourage you and your family to interact. If that doesn't help, I tell a lot of bad jokes.